What Happens When You Use the Wrong Size Air Filter?

The biggest concern when using an improperly sized air filter is that it may not effectively prevent dust buildup on the motors and blowers of your HVAC system. This can make the oven dirty, which can affect its performance or even damage the internal components of the system, leading to costly repairs or replacements. It is important to check the size of your existing air filter before purchasing a replacement. If you buy a filter that is too large, it will not fit properly into the slot.

On the other hand, if it is too small, it won't cover the entire space and may allow dust and dirt to pass through. If you're not sure what size filter you need, consult the manufacturer's specifications or ask your HVAC technician for help in choosing the right product. It's easy to dismiss high energy bills in South Carolina as just a sign of the times. However, an incorrect air filter can reduce HVAC efficiency and increase heating and cooling costs.

If the filter is too dense, the heater or air conditioner may need to run longer to counteract increased air resistance. A filter that is too small allows contaminants to build up on critical components, which impairs performance. The right filter will improve your health and comfort without sending utility bills through the roof. If you can't find a standard-size filter within that parameter, you'll need to order a custom-sized air filter. Improperly installed filters and improperly sized filters can also damage internal system components.

In these cases, you have more flexibility in selecting the size of the filter, since you can choose one that is longer than the size of the opening. Dust, allergens, and pollutants will not leak out of the indoor air, as the air bypasses the filter and enters the vent and returns. Filters that reduce airflow force components such as the fan, motor, and electrical components to work overtime. While a clean air filter makes a big difference in HVAC efficiency and air quality, it's not the most important thing about home comfort. This is because not all filters (and HVAC units) are created equal, and using the wrong one could cost much more than what you were looking to save.

For more information on how to properly maintain your HVAC system, contact Ireland Heating & Air Conditioning. Removing debris and other particles that can pollute the air will also improve its quality in your home, which is beneficial for you and your family. One of the main problems with ovens is using an incorrect filter size, which sometimes happens when someone comes in to change your filter. Not only that, but an incorrect air filter can affect your respiratory system due to a high level of pollutants and allergens. Unfortunately, not all filters are created equal, and using the wrong one can increase your energy bill over time.

The right size will go a long way in saving money for future repairs, as dust and contaminants will be properly sealed if the filter fits snugly. We carry filters and humidifier pads for all major manufacturers (including Air King, American Standard, Aprilaire, GeneralAire and Honeywell). To keep your oven running smoothly for a long time and to ensure your family's safety by ensuring that they inhale clean air, you should clean and change the filter regularly.

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