Are All Home Air Filters the Same Size?

When it comes to air filters, there are a few things to consider. Standard air cleaner sizes may vary slightly, and if you have to force an air filter in or out, it's the wrong size. Generally, standard sizes are usually half an inch smaller than advertised. The filters are labeled with three-part dimensions - the first number is its length, the second is its width, and the third is its depth or thickness.

All filters have two different sizes - an actual size and a nominal size. The actual size is the exact dimensions without rounding, while the nominal size is the rounded dimensions of the filter. It's important to note that air filters, oven filters, AC filters, and air conditioning filters are all the same filters. So if you need to find household air filter sizes, HVAC filter sizes, oven filter sizes, or AC filter sizes or air conditioner filter sizes, you're looking for the same thing.

This video guides you through the step of identifying the right air filter for your home or business HVAC system. Filters are measured by nominal size, which is a rounded number that varies by brand, so many filters have the part number of each brand they are compatible with. This rounded measurement is called the nominal size and is used to match the correct filter to the air cleaner slot of the accessory. Most air conditioning and HVAC units use standard-size filters, but some require the purchase and installation of a custom-sized air filter.

Improperly sized, or installed governable filter frames can cause air leaks, which significantly decreases filter effectiveness. If the filter is too small, it will loosen and some of the air (and dirt) will not pass through the air filter. On the other hand, if the filter is too large, the frame will wrinkle, air flow will be restricted, and longevity will be compromised. In addition, if there is any resistance to airflow caused by the use of a filter that is not the correct size, it can cause unnecessary stress on the HVAC unit itself, which could damage the system equipment and increase your energy bills. Using a table as an oven filter size finder makes it easy to find the correct filter size for your oven.

You can proactively clean the air and surfaces in your home by adding an air purifier in the duct that creates supercharged particles. There are also accordion air filters and they are shaped like an accordion.

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